Microsoft Visual F# Programming

Microsoft Visual F# Programming

F# is a computer programming language researched and developed by Microsoft. This website provides lessons and turials to create console and graphical applications using the F# language.

This web site teaches F# as a computer language. The lessons show how to create console application and interactions.

F# Programming

01: Introduction to F#
02: Variables
03: Introduction to Functions
04: Introd to Classes and structures
05: The Properties of a Class
06: Modules & Namespaces
07: Libraries
08: Inheritance
09: Generics
10: Intro to MS Visual F#
11: The Forms of an Application
12: Intro to Controls Containers
13: Strings
14: Introduction to Windows Controls
15: Delegates
16: Methods and Events of Controls
17: Conditional Statements
18: Intro to Pattern Matching
19: Enumerations
20: Exception Handling
21: Date and Time Values
22: Tuples
23: Lists
21: Introduction to File Processing
22: Files Operations
23: Serialization
24: Generics
25: Records
27: Lists (F# List and Introduction to .NET list classes)
28: Introduction to Arrays + the .NET's Array Class
29: Hash Sets (F# and .NET)
30: Sequences (F# and .NET)
19: Details on Using Classes

Windows Controls
Button Check Box Checked List Box Combo Box Date Picker
Data Grid View Domain Up-Down Group Box Label Link Label
List Box List View Masked Text Box Month Calendar Panel
Radio Button Rich Text Box Scroll Bars Split container Tab Control
Text Box Time Picker Track Bar Tree View Timer
Tick Counter Progress Bar   Numeric Upd-Down  


Graphics | XML | Data Sets | ADO.NET

Windows Controls Examples

Algebra | Compound Interest | Elementary Addition | Percentage Conversion


Message Boxes

Compound Interest

Elementary Addition

Percentage Conversions

Windows Controls Examples: Algebra

Setting the Icon of a Form

The Control Box of a Form

Setting the Location of a Form

Form's Start Position


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