This web site teaches F# as a computer language. The lessons show how to create console application and interactions.

Language Grammar and Syntax

Lesson 01: Introduction to F#

Lesson 02: Variables

Lesson 03: Conditional Statements

Lesson 04: Introduction to Functions

Object Orientation Programming

Lesson 05: Introduction to Classes

Lesson 06: The Properties of a Class

Lesson 07: Modules and Namespaces

Lesson 08: Class Inheritance

Lesson 09: Interfaces

Lesson 10: Exception Handling

Lesson 11: Generics

Lesson 12: Structures

Lesson 13: Discrimnated Unions

Lesson 14: Records

Functional Collections

Lesson 15: Tuples

Lesson 16: Lists

Lesson 17: Sequences

Lesson 18: Arrays


Windows Forms Application

Windows Forms Application: Fundamentals


Basic Form

The Caption of a Form

Introduction to Controls

Setting the Icon of a Form

The Control Box of a Form

Setting the Location of a Form

Form's Start Position

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