Microsoft Visual F# Programming

Microsoft Visual F# Programming

F# is a computer programming language researched and developed by Microsoft. This website provides lessons and turials to create console and graphical applications using the F# language.

This web site teaches F# as a computer language. The lessons show how to create console application and interactions.

F# Programming

01: Introduction to MS Visual F#
02: Intro to Applications Values
03: Introduction to Windows Controls
04: Introduction to Data Types
05: Conditional Statements
06: Pattern Matching
07: Introduction to Functions
08: Creating and Using Functions
09: Records
10: Introduction to Classes
11: The Properties of a Class
12: Modules & Namespaces
13: Inheritance
14: Interfaces
15: Creating and Using Classes
16: Active Patterns
17: Staticity
18: Strings
19: structures
20: Generics
21: Delegates
22: Properties of Controls
23: Methods and Events of Controls
24: Controls Containers
25: The Forms of an Application
26: Date and Time Values
27: Inheritance and Windows Controls
28: Exception Handling
29: Introduction to File Processing
30: Files Operations
31: Tuples
32: Intro to .NET Collections
33: F# Lists
34: Arrays
35: Sequences
36: A Set as a Collection of Elements
37: Map Collections
38: Intro to Applications Graphics
39: Introduction to Bitmaps
40: Introduction to Drawing
41: Brushes
42: Drawing Strings & Printing
43: Applications Menus
44: Document-Based Applications
45: Introduction to XML
46: Introduction to XML Elements
47: Operations on XML Elements
48: The Attributes of an Element
49: Characteristics of an XML Document
50: XPath

Windows Controls
Button Check Box Checked List Box Combo Box Date Picker
Data Grid View Domain Up-Down Group Box Label Link Label
List Box List View Masked Text Box Month Calendar Numeric Up-Down
Panel Picture Box Radio Button Rich Text Box  
    Scroll Bars Split container Tab Control
Text Box Time Picker Track Bar Tree View Timer
Tick Counter Progress Bar   Numeric Upd-Down Inheritance


Graphics | XML | Data Sets | ADO.NET

Windows Controls Examples

Algebra | Compound Interest | Elementary Addition | Percentage Conversion | Movie Review


Message Boxes

Conditional Statements

Windows Controls Examples: Algebra

Setting the Icon of a Form

The Control Box of a Form

Setting the Location of a Form

Form's Start Position

Control-Based Applications Graphics Applications

Elementary Addition The Color Selector
Compound Interest Increasing/Decreasing Circles
Percentage Conversions  


XML-Based Applications

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